It's no secret that music is a huge source of inspiration for many authors. We use music as a way to channel emotions and scenes into our writing and sometimes, there are just certain songs that help a writer find the perfect mood, setting and feeling to express a certain scene. I wanted to share the music inspiration behind Whiskey and The Finish as these books are most heavily influenced by music. There were times during the drafting process where I would sit and listen to these songs over and over and over again until I saw scene perfectly and only then would I write it. Maybe you've already read Whiskey and The Finish and some of these speak to you - or maybe you haven't read either of them and these videos inspire you to pick them up. Either way - these are the songs that got me through more than a year of drafting. And I'm so thankful they were there to keep me company.

These are just a few selections of the entire playlist. You can listen to the entire playlist here: