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Why I'm doing this... AGAIN.

Let me be real clear. This is not a "new" thing to me. This whole trying to get off my ass and get healthy. It's been an ongoing struggle for pretty much my entire life. I've written blog posts about it (like this one), I've started and stopped a zillion diets, detoxes, workout programs. I've been on weight watchers and NutriSystem, Body by Vi, Shakeology and Advocare. 

I've done it all. And if I DID lose weight - it came right back. You know why? 

Because A. I'm lazy and B. It wasn't sustainable weight loss and C. I didn't care about myself enough to make it work. 

So why now? What's different?

Absolutely nothing. Except for the fact that my brother-in-law is set to be married in a year to a gorgeous woman who is a string bean. And her bridesmaids are string beans. And then there's me... a big ole sack of potatoes in the middle. 

I'm not being mean... I'm being REAL. 

So other than a little extra motivation to lose weight and be healthier - this isn't any different. 

But this time - I thought... I'm going to write EVERYTHING down. I'm going to go balls to the wall and just lay it all out there. The good, the bad and especially the ugly. So this time, if (I really wanted to say "when," but see, that's part of changing....) I fail, at least I have some sort of paper trail of my failure. Some sort of sign that says - oh hey, you fell off the wagon on this day and that's where the spiral happened. 

And let's be honest - when you write something down that's public... it's a bit more humiliating to say, "yes, I ate three cheeseburgers for lunch, skipped working out and then binge-watched the entire season of Orange is the New Black." (That is sadly a true story). 

I'm not above publicly shaming myself. 

So I'm not going to make any promises or say "this time is different!" because chances are...they're not. 

It's just that this time - I'm writing things down as I go along. And if it helps - great. If it doesn't - then I have a whole lot of material for a good "how I failed at my latest attempt to get healthy" book. 

Here I Go...