Week One, Day One

Husband makes me drink preworkout - says it will "pump me up." 

Get to gym where buff guys and the cute skinny girls are already positioned on machines. 
Immediately feel like a tub of lard but get my ass on treadmill anyway.

 Start Week One, Day One of Couch to 5k workout. Pre workout drink has kicked in and I am, indeed pumped up.

Perhaps too much as my brain won't stop thinking about all the things on my to-do list. To the point that I start to shake. But bonus - I'm 15 minutes already! Finally, my anxiety (on steroids) is good for something. Passing time!

I get through workout and feel... Good. Not too overworked. Not too underworked. 

Get home and feel the "crash." I don't understand where this whole "exercising gives you energy!" phrase comes from. I feel like I could fall into bed and sleep for hours. 

And my legs hurt. 

I suppose this means I did something right. 

Right on.