Week Three, Day Three

I did this thing where I actually went to bed early last night and fell asleep! And you know what??

I was STILL tired this morning and it was STILL hard to get my ass up and get going.

I'll admit after my last workout, I was a little nervous about how this one would go. But there were hardly any people at the gym which was nice. I love when I get my pick of machines. I wasn't feeling staring at football asses, so I parked myself in front of the kitchen aid infomercial. I don't even cook, but I want one of those damn things.

First run, was as I suspected difficult but then miraculously, the rest wasn't so bad.

Until Mr. I CAN RUN LIKE THE WIND got on the tread next to me. I mean, at this point there's still a shit ton of machines open and he chooses the one next to me? And he's not even watching tv so he didn't choose the treadmill to watch the weather channel - that's for sure.  And then he does this weird running/skipping thing that is distracting and I'm just morning-grumpy enough to want to reach over and knock him off the treadmill.

Suffice it to say - I'm thankful my workout is almost done so I don't have to be next to him anymore. 

At this point - I'm sure you're all wondering "when is she going to tell us about results? Progress?" And the things is - I'm not for a while. Because I'm not actually focusing on that right now. Like at all. I'm the type of person that gets incredibly discouraged really fast when it comes to working out/exercise/weight. So If I step on that scale and see that nothing has changed or worse - that I gained - it'll be all over for me. So I'm trying not to focus on the results quite yet. I'm trying to make sure I'm getting myself in a sustainable routine. I'm trying to learn to listen to my body when it comes to exercising. My husband and I are "attempting" (I quote that because we're not doing a very good job so far) to eat better and change our lifestyle. 

I truly believe that if I can make those changes and focus on the right things - the results will come. 

And when that day comes - I'm sure you'll hear all about it :)