Week Four, Day One

Whyyyy do I think skipping days is a good idea?

Because it's not. 

Today was hard as shit to get up and we are out of the normal pre workout so I begrudgingly tried the one that came with my all my workout supplements and its nasty as shit. I literally wanted to barf with the first drink I had. I tried to drink it down... I really did. But halfway through, I threw that shit out. 

Get to gym and its busier than usual, I'm guessing people either on holiday or getting in a workout before they leave on holiday. Either way, they're taking up my favorite treadmills so I'm forced to the end of the row, which, fine. Less people. 

I start going and get that familiar stomach churning, roiling. Ugh. I really need to isolate what makes my stomach hurt. It's probably from being up so damn early. I already know gonna have to take it easy today so as not to barf all over the treadmill and myself. 

I'm a weird mix of hyped up and dragging ass. I can't stop thinking about all the things I have to do today and tomorrow to actually enjoy my holiday by taking off and the thought of my todo list coupled with the chiming sounds to run make me tired. 

Of course on the day that I have long walking breaks, I'm in front of the tv with the news. Which normally I can take. But I'm the span of three minutes, I'm told about a shooting at the protest of a shooting, a plane crash and a sexual assault victim.

What the hell is this? Make Jade depressed as hell day?

Despite an okay workout. I'm tired and grumpy and thankfully, I am my own #boss and can take a nap.  

All hail naps!