Week Four, Day Three

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and seeing as how I sat on my ass ALL day, ate delicious prime rib and bing-watched Jessica Jones - I was actually MORE than ready to get to the gym. 

And the hubby got me some early Christmas presents - new workout clothes. I should specify - new workout clothes that I don't usually wear. Skin-tight workout leggings and those cute tank tops that every skinny girl is wearing in workout videos. Key word - skinny girls. 

And when I say skin tight - I mean skin freaking tight. Those bad boys felt as if they were painted on. Octagons and pyramids mixed together in a hot pink mess. Do I wear underwear or not? Would they ride up my asscrack when running? I debated every scenario and then put them on and tried to forget that they probably displayed every bump, lump and cellulite mess. 

Once I got to the gym, I had almost forgotten about my clothing choices and went to work. It wasn't easy after a day off and being sluggish and lazy. But it had to be done. 

And I was determined to redo my Week 3 of C25k with flying colors. 

By the midway mark - I wanted to quit. I did. It was hard. My legs hurt. And I was mad. Mad that I've been doing this think for a month and I couldn't even feel confident about the third week of C25k (which by the way, I quickly surpassed and kicked ass the very first time I did C25k). Granted, that was five years ago and almost 50lbs ago. Still, I was pissed that it was coming as easily to me. 

But I didn't quit. I actually DID pass with flying colors which earned me a big smile and I almost even forgot about pants that were probably showing everything to everyone and up my asscrack. And I couldn't even care. 

Because I did it.