Week Four, Day Four

Kids, the pre-workout has been replenished. And it's glorious. Grape energy goodness. Today's post is brought to you courtesy of a hopped up Jade. 

But seriously, this was probably one of the best workout days I've had because I didn't actively groan and whine about getting up and going. And then the pre-workout hit the spot. And then when we got to the gym, there was only one other person and my favorite treadmill open.


I was pumped to get going and then Flea Market Flip came on the TV (I'm a HGTV junkie, #sorrynotsorry) and I was like...oh hell yes, I'm gonna do this thing! 

So, I'm running, running, and then this commercial on HGTV comes on and it had all the "stars" of HGTV like Tarek and Christina from Flip or Flop, Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper and of course Jonathan and Drew Scott from Property Brothers and I thought... Why, even on a TV channel that is dedicated to HOUSES and PROPERTIES do these people look so perfect and skinny? Like, can't fat people fix houses too? Is someone's weight a factor in whether or not they can flip a house or set the perfect interior design for a room? 

The depth of our skinny minded society runs so deep - I didn't even realize that on channels where nothing but the task at hand (fixing a house, rehabing a house, etc) should matter - body image still does. 

And that makes me sad. And angry.

So I ran my last run at full speed because I was pissed that my favorite channel had disappointed me. 

I'm going to start a petition called "Let's get real people on HGTV to fix up houses!" 

Kidding. Kind of.