Week Two, Day One

It was bound to happen. This little thing I call: Hulk Jade. And today, it reared it's ugly head. 

Not enough sleep + feeling like crap right away in the morning + being up so early = Hulk Jade. The best thing for anyone to do when this happens is just ignore me and let me do my own thing. Hubs has learned how to handle Hulk Jade quite beautifully by now. 

On the drive to gym, I sit silently and scowl at everything because Hulk Jade hates everything. The morning. The drive to the gym. Working out. Being up. Her phone for showing her the 100 notifications she missed while sleeping. 

I get on my treadmill of choice at the gym and there are less people there than the last time (good) and this pleases me. Hulk Jade goes down a few points. As is usual with C25k, the first run is always the hardest. I start making silent promises to myself as the time passes.

Just get through this workout and you can go to bed. 

Finish this run and you don't have to do the next one.

Just one more to go and then you can stop. 

It works. I finish all of my runs and am sweating profusely. Hulk Jade has turned into "only-somewhat-irritated" Jade and I realize... oh... maybe working out did that. 

I just didn't magically get happier, right? So... maybe there IS something to this exercise makes you feel better thing?

Jury is still out. 

Next time Hulk Jade appears, I'll give her a whirl at the gym and see if the same result happens. 

Now... it's time for a nap.