Week Five, Day One

It's December 1st. Start of a new month. And I have to be honest - it's not off to a great start in workout land. 

Sunday night was a bad night for me sleep wise. So I was SURE that I would be able to crash and burn early last night. That would only help my case of getting up early this morning to workout. 

But... it didn't go as planned. I tossed and turned and woke up several times in the night and by the time the morning rolled around, I didn't feel good. Didn't want to get up. Didn't want to go. My husband did the old trickaroo. He was going to go back to bed too, but then he got up and I don't know what it is about me. I've never been so competitive or dependent on someone else's actions before in my life - but for some reason my brain just instantly jumps in attack mode when he decides to go. It's like - I HAVE to go, if only because he is going.

And I should have known, given the red flags in the morning, but I didn't listen. I got up, pissy, annoyed and not feeling well. Got dressed. Went to the gym. Made it through the first round of walking/running and wanted to barf. I half-assed most of the program until I literally thought I was going to bafaint (barf/faint). Spent the rest of the time in the bathroom, trying to steady myself and make sure I was near a toilet if I did want to barf. I didn't. 

The ride home was silent. 

I took a shower and went back to bed. Because you know what? Everyday ain't sunshine and rainbows like the exercise Instagram and Blogs want you to believe. I hear "Omg! I can't live without going to the gym now! It's the best ever!" - yeah, but they don't tell you that it sucks the life out of you when you feel like shit. Or that it's really rude to go to a public gym when you don't know what you could be carrying (the flu? a virus?) and spread it to other people, just for the sake of "getting there and doing it!"

Despite the fact that I half-assed the workout - I'm still proud of myself because a half-assed workout is better than no damn workout at all. 

P.S. - Just thought I would share this little visual of things. 

This is the result of my Apple Watch - all the days where the red, green and blue rings are completely filled is a day that I completed my "goals." The red and green ones are the important ones because those are calories and exercise. As you can see, October wasn't exactly a great month. There are LOTS of blanks because I either did not move around or I didn't even wear the watch (and still didn't move around). But I made a conscious effort in November to track things. I am interested to see how December's looks in comparison to November's.