Week Six, Day Three

The couple that works out together, stays together... right? Ha. I don't know. But today is my anniversary (3 years!) and what better way to celebrate than getting up right away and going to work out?! *I can actually think of a hundred better ways, but for the sake of today, let's just assume it's exactly what we wanted to do for our anniversary. LOL. 

So let's start with some positive news related to this getting healthy thing - I cleaned the house yesterday and that included doing a ton of laundry and folding clothes. I was folding a pair of jeans that I have yet to wear because I bought them and then went to go put them on and they were too tight. They hadn't been when I bought them...or maybe they were and I was in a shopping spree mindset and didn't really think about it. Regardless - I haven't worn them yet. I tried them on yesterday, just for the hell of it. 

I know what you're thinking - yay, they fit! No. They didn't. BUT. They weren't as tight as the last few times I tried them on. There was definitely less squeezing on the gut area. And THAT'S a positive, yes? 

So that's why this morning, when I got to the gym, I went full force on the machine I now refer to as the "gazelle." When you go really fast, it looks like a gazelle running, hence the name. I was pleasantly surprised to see my calories burned were higher than usual - so I went even faster. And then I heard it. The unmistakable sound of my phone hitting the ground. Which was followed by my heart falling from my chest. My phone is my life. 

So I catch my breath and get off the Gazelle and grab my phone from the ground to see a crack in the screen. *Sigh*

Luckily, I had a sweet cover on the screen that was supposed to crack before the actual screen did. And it worked! I know this is not workout related, but it's a workout related disaster. Because apparently going FASTER on the Gazelle does not always mean better. Take my word for it. Slighty fast and steady wins the race. 

Will attempt to workout again tomorrow.