Week Nine, Day One

Okay, so first off - I was a littttle too cocky in my last post because the holidays? Yeah, they messed me up. Even though we "technically" had a day two last week (Hot Yoga, whaaaat?!), I didn't wear my watch, so I didn't know my calorie output. Plus, it just really wasn't my thang. So I decided not to even bother writing about it. 

And then the holidays happened and yeah....

That's where things went south. Now, we're back home and trying to adjust to the way things are and it's H-A-R-D. 

Especially the eating part. 

shoes and pants.png

But I do have a little extra motivation:

New workout pants and shoes for me! In fact, I got two new entire workout "sets." My goal is to look like the girl up top in them. hahaha.

Anyway - I suppose I should tell you (though you may have guessed) that I did in fact workout today even though it's snowing like crazy (8 inches!) and I was tired and I just didn't want to do it. The husband made me.

I'm glad he did. 

I'm going to use this week to get back into the gym habit and then I'm thinking of switching things up. Instead of straight cardio - I want to start a weight lifting routine. I'm ready to relose the lbs I lost the previous weeks and shed some more weight.