Week Five, Day Three

It BURNS!!!!!

My wise idea to try a new machine on Thursday was both good and bad. I was obviously not doing a hard enough workout because the muscles in my legs let me know that they hated me. 

No, they loathed me. 

And when this morning rolled around, I really wanted to listen when they said, "No, no, no! Don't make us work! Don't make us hurt more!" And then the melody of "Do you really want to hurt me?" came to mind and well... I digress.

By now, you must know that my mantra for doing things I don't want to do is to tell myself "Just do it. Do it!"

So I did it. 

I tried a new machine called the ARC Trainer. I didn't exactly know what I was doing when I got on it. It looked fairly easy until I realized there were 4 different places to put your hands. Which one should I do? Wait, why did the machine shift from really easy to ridiculously hard. Wait, where do I put my hands? Oh, should I bend over when I do this? Wait, should I be standing straight up.

And yes, I AM too proud to ask the gym staff how the hell to use the machine. So I pretended I knew exactly what I was doing. Then I watched a video on YouTube when I got home and realized I didn't do half bad.

It wasn't until after the pre-workout wore off and after my shower that my legs started to burn again. Worse than before. 

And I thought - if they're hurting - it must be working :)