Week Nine, Day Three

Happy 2016! 

Tis the time of year for everyone to decide to get healthy. I expected a ton of people to be in the gym when we went, but it wasn't so bad. Except for the dude that does this weird jumpy thing on the treadmill (I wrote about him in a previous post). He's so distracting. 

This trip to the gym would have been pretty uneventful, except that I was having trouble with my contacts. I'm mid workout when one of them pops out. I'm sweating like a pig (and probably smell) and someone is on both sides of me. Do I stop, get down on the ground and look for it? Do I just close that eye and squint the whole time? Do I deal with having one in and one out? You should know that I'm pretty blind without my contacts or glasses. So I cannot see anything out of my right eye. But really, who NEEDS two eyes?! So I continue on. 

But then everything gets hazy and I get naseaus and things are blurry and my head starts to hurt. I'm so determined to get my damn workout in, I just close my eyes and finish working out. And when I open them to get off, I nearly fall off the side and into the person doing the elliptical beside me. Oops.

Lesson learned. Bring glasses as backup.