Week Eleven, Day One

And so it begins! Or rather, so it continues! 

As is my luck - last night was an awful, anxiety-ridden night (I know, I know, you're probably JUST as tired hearing about it as I am experiencing it!) but today was Day One of weight training. So I knew I absolutely could not skip it. 

I was a little weary when we got to the gym (although it was blissfully quiet!) because it felt weird. It felt so weird not to be going to my machine to do cardio. I know that incorporating weight training with my cardio routine is going to be for the better. It's just hard when something FINALLY starts working and you're so nervous you're going to eff it up by changing it up and doing something else. 

I'm not a total stranger to weight training - Back when my husband and I were much more into exercising, we'd started doing a weight training routine together and I enjoyed it. I like getting his support and watching him do the machine first so I can study his form (and yeah, okay, he looks super hot when he's doing it!) and can learn from him. So, I'm excited to see what his lessons can do to reshape my body and help me lose weight. 

I thought to myself - hmm, maybe I'll go back to the gym later today. And then the afternoon rolled around and it started snowing. And I was like.. ummm, nope. But I DID decide to get away from my desk and do a little bit of cardio. It wasn't much. 

Did a few sprints on the treadmill and rode the recumbent bike for a bit. Burned 150 calories. Better than nothing, right?

Two times in one day. I must be going crazy ;)