Week Eleven, Day Two

My arms... they burrrrrrrrrn. 

We were supposed to go to Kickboxing last night as our "cardio" day. But honestly, we're getting so old that 7-8pm exercise class is like the worst idea ever. I see that and think - omg! That's my bed time. Sigh. 

There's always next week...

But it's why I woke up this morning a little irritated. Because I am already worried I'm not getting in enough cardio to offset the weight training. I'm terrified to step on that scale and see either ZERO pounds lost or even worse - that it inched up. 

I know I have to let go of this fear of the scale and the numbers and all that - but it's hard. 

We shoulders, back and arms today and they burn like a mo fo. So I guess I'm doing something right. :)