Week Eleven, Day Three

Turns out... being really really pissed off isn't such a bad thing when you're in the gym. Today was another weight lifting day + cardio. I got through legs and decided to jump on the elliptical. As I'm doing so, I get an email that upsets me. Like really upsets me. 

Like, I'm seeing RED upsets me. That doesn't happen very often. But I'm livid.

So I jump on the elliptical and start attacking it like I'm running away from a monster, the whole time trying to formulate a response back to this person. I think of ways to defend myself nicely. I think of ways to humiliate them because of the assinine comments they made. The ignorance they put on fully display. But I wait. I don't want to be hasty. So I keep moving my legs.

Harder and harder. 

And fifteen minutes goes by and I'm already ahead of my normal calorie burn. And the longer I think about this email, the angrier I get. So I push even harder.

And when I get off the elliptical, my legs feel like jelly, I'm a sweaty, smelly mess and I can hardly breathe. I can actually hear my heartbeat, it's going so fast. 

And the calorie burn. Oh that sweet sweet number. 

Did working out help me release my anger/tension? No. I was just as pissed off when I finished my workout as when I started - but it DID help me burn more calories. It DID help my workout become more intense. 

I'm not saying it's the healthiest of things but it worked.

And the bonus was that when I stepped on the scale - the number was lower than I expected.