Week Twelve, Day One

It's a miracle! I actually was in bed early last night AND fell asleep fairly easily. No anxiety! It was great! And even though I'm tired this morning - I got up and worked out without a fuss.

I'm just... amazed. Although, part of it could be the motivation aspect. Last week, despite my worries about losing lbs from switching to weight lifting and not focusing on cardio (AND having some problems with the calorie counting) - I still managed to lose. So I was pumped up to get back in the gym and see how many calories I could burn while lifting. 

I was surprised that I surpassed 100 cals. I know the long-term burn for weight lifting is better than cardio - but I'm such a visual person that seeing is believing for me. So being able to physically see those cals ticking by and applying it to how I'm feeling/what I'm doing makes so much more sense to me. 

I'm going to attempt to do a round of cardio today, though. Because I want to kick things in high gear. I only have approximately 3 months until Miami and I'm really hoping to be down to my first goal weight by then. 

Will update if I can manage to get off my butt and do cardio later!


Someone should come check if I'm okay. Because the day that I get restless at my desk and decide to workout instead of take a nap means something's wrong with me.

That or... I really am serious about this thing. Because here I am - after another 30 min workout (granted - this one was actually cardio) and I'm legit pooped. This is what trainers must feel like. Or you know, people who workout a lot during the day. My limbs kind of feel like jelly. 

But I'm glad I did it - even if it's not a "regular" thing - it's almost like a "eat this not that" type of thing. I was presented with an opportunity to either nap or workout. I chose to workout. 

Yeah. Somethings def going on with me ;)