Week Twelve, Day Two

I feel kind of ragey today. I stepped on the scale (it'd been a few days) and I gained a pound! UGH. That was NOT what I wanted to see. But I guess my disappointment was also because we skipped Kickboxing again last night. Seriously. I just don't think we're going to be able to do it that late at night. Which really bums us out. 

But anyway - not only did I wake up to an extra pound - but work emails galore. So I guess I ended up putting a lot more umph into my weight lifting but I think I pulled something in my neck/back. 

I'm determined to not let that pound stay where it's at. So I'll most likely be on the treadmill later for cardio. If not to shed the lb - than to "relieve" the stress that I will no doubt have today. 

Boom. #winning

2016-01-22 16.12.56.png

Not only did I make that treadmill my bitch - I made the entire day my bitch. Now some of you might be like... oooooh what - like 400 cals burned, big deal (you can't tell from my :34 workout which was weight lifiting - but it was 200 cals burned). But it's a big deal for me because I only got off my ass once and did exercise - I did it twice. that's huge for me. I doubled and tripled my move goal and almost hit 10k steps - which for me...is pretty damn good.

So yeah. I'll leave this here for when I'm all sullen and grumpy and come back and see that I actually DO try to work my ass off.