Week Thirteen, Day Three

Today was a MUCH better workout day than the last two. After a decent night's rest and some renewed motivation, I was excited to get back to some cardio. 

Got to the gym and score! It was empty. The whole row of ellipticals were all mine! 

A weird thing happened though - no matter how hard I was pushing myself, it was like I was way behind my calorie goal. I've worked out enough now to have an idea of how many calories I burn by 15 minutes. Depending on how hard/little I'm pushing myself - I usually meet that amount. But today, I felt as if I WAS pushing myself and still... I wasn't meeting my goal. Super disappointing. 

But I brushed it off and went on with our plans to walk the mall. Well, our plans didn't include going into GNC, but in we went. I don't just hang around GNCs and I'm not a gym rat or a body builder, but I can totally appreciate a knowledgeable person who can help me reach my goals. There was a dude there (like a totally jacket, fit, enthusiastic dude) and he was so great with showing us samples, telling us about different products. He even gave me some advice for losing weight for Miami. 

So 2 hrs and $100 later - we walked out with some supplements, a new workout plan and motivation. 

Plus.. I stepped on the scale and was surprised with a .6 loss. #hellyeah