Week Ten, Day One

Ten weeks?! Seriously?! Time has gone F-A-S-T! I think if one of the newbs at the gym (probably due to New Years Resolution) were to ask me about working out - that's one of the first things I'd say - Time goes faster than you think. 

If you would have asked me ten weeks ago if I'd still be going strong - I'd have laughed in your face. Actually, read my first post from the first day of working out. I was pretty sure that I wasn't gonna get that far along. But here I am... 

Still truckin... 

And it's funny - because things DO change. For example, today at the gym, I got on a machine I haven't been on in a while and I was busting my ass. I checked my watch to see that my calorie burn was low. And I was pissed. I'm like... WTF! Usually I've burned at LEAST a certain amount in 15 minutes... and the cals on my watch weren't even near it. So I switched machines, all pissy. And then I was pissed that the other one wasn't giving me a good burn either, even though I pushed myself. 

I guess it's back to the same ole machines... 

I was supposed to start weight lifting this week, but we decided to hold off another week because we're also going to be implementing kickboxing. So next week is gonna be a whole 'notha level for me. 

I'm excited :) 

That's all for today, friends.