Week Ten, Day Two

In a rare occurrence, I woke up ready to rock my workout today. Maybe it's because I knew I have a busy day ahead. Or maybe it's because I planned on doing something different with my workout. 

I'd heard of Zombies, Run! before. But I never tried it because I was always focused on my C25k program. Well, since everyone and their momma has a New Years resolution of losing weight and ALL the treads were taken up when we got to the gym, I thought, "hmm, maybe I can adapt this to the elliptical?" 

So I tried it. And it was pretty cool. I think because it doesn't detect your "pace" on the elliptical, the zombie chase part didn't get activated as much. I'm going to try it on the treadmill next time and see what happens, because I think it could be a really fun way to workout and forget that you're actually working out. Even the trailers are kind of neat:

This is all good given that I just committed to a weight loss challenge with family members. $50 to enter... winner (highest percentage of weight loss) wins it all. 

I hate to break it to them... but I'm going to win.