Week Seventeen, Day Three

So... things have been quiet around here, yeah? I know. I feel bad about it. But the good news is that it doesn't mean I've stopped working out. It just means I've been so insanely busy - that blogging about my workout adventures (because honestly, who is reading/listening anyway?) has not been a priority.

And to be completely honest - I've been stressed. To the max. Like more so than ever. And it's affecting pretty much anything I have left resembling a personal life. So of course, even though I've been working out. Even though I've been eating fairly well.

The stress is not helping the weight loss. It's as if I gain/lose the same damn 2 lbs. Down and up, down and up. After three weeks of a shitty schedule (up late some nights, early to bed others, tossing and turning) - I'm hoping getting that under control will help a bit more. We'll see. 

But this is just a check in saying that I'm ALIVE! I didn't quit (well working out that is!). I will do what I can with the time I have - but was I foolish to think that blogging about working out was going to change anyone's lives? Including my own? 

Musings on a Sunday after a workout. Adrenaline is working at least.