Week Fifteen, Day One

So... this week has been a little screwed up. Our plans were derailed when my husband got sick and couldn't really work out due to be so weak and fatigued. Which ended up being okay, because my work life was outrageous this week. Staying up and working until 2am and then turning around and getting up at 7am wasn't ideal for working out. Well, not really ideal for life lol. 

But we got back on track this morning and I was surprised by how hard I pushed myself. Even though we didn't work out - we were trying really hard to stay on track with the calorie counting aspect. So I wanted to jumpstart whatever I could. 

I felt good about the workout and I think it helped a bit with the anxiety and stress that I'd been dealing with this week. We're going to try to go tomorrow and Sunday - if we can do that - it will make up for the lost time we lost at the beginning of the week.