Week Twenty-Two, Day Three

I've skipped weeks of blogging though not so much skipping working out. The time has finally come (and to be honest, I didn't think I'd last even THIS long) to make a decision. 

So this is my final workout post in this series. I may occasionally do updates - but my time has become so limited (and who is reading anyway... are YOU!?) that I have to focus on the things on my priority list. 

Working out is still at the top. And I've come a long way. Even though I've been working out for almost six months and have only lost 15lbs - I realized that it's the long-term progress I'm most proud of. The fact that I have weeks where I gain a pound or I don't lose anything that I still get up and I still go to the gym. I still sweat and work hard because I believe it's making a difference to my overall health. To my mental health. And as busy authors - I think we underestimate how important our mental health is. I'm trying to use working out as a way to think through plot problems, relieve stress. Channel my negative energy into something positive. 

So, yes, I haven't lost as much weight as I've hoped, but I've gained so much more. And as long as I continue down this path - I think it will come. I think the hard work will pay off in the end. 

Plus, I fit into a few pairs of old pants, I bought a new swimming suit that fits me and my double chin is almost gone.

I call that a win. If you've been reading - thanks for hanging out and reading about my journey. I hope it was at least entertaining if not a little bit inspiring.