Yes, you read that title right. Reining country/pop princess, Taylor Swift. I lurve her. No, I  more than lurve...I LOVE her.

But, WHY, you ask?

Well, lots of reasons. I realize I'm putting myself out here with this proclamation because while many people love Taylor Swift, many, many more hate her. In order for you to understand my obsession though, I have to go all the way back to her first album with the song Tim McGraw. When I heard it the first time, I got shivers because it was exactly how I felt about one of my ex-boyfriends at the time. And then when I listened to the rest of the album--I knew I was a goner. They all felt so relatable. Then I learned that she wrote them and it made me like her even more.

When her second album came out, I waited at midnight for it to come out and to say I fell in love with the album is an understatement. I felt every song to my bones. I listened to that album on repeat until I knew all the words for each song. Then the next two albums came and I felt the same about those ones too.

It's wasn't until the last couple years though, that I really found my true love for Taylor. I didn't start off creating "Novel Playlists" for my novels right away. I was in a writing forum when someone suggested it and I thought it was a great idea. Then, right after that, I got a job where I had to commute. Being able to have that time to really listen to the words of a song did WONDERS for my creativity. Now, I get all my ideas when I'm in car. Seriously.

But I digress.

So, Taylor and music. When I was thinking of songs that fit into my first novel, Taylor's song Breathe was the first one added to the list followed by a few others. Then when I was began drafting my novel THE RIGHT KIND OF WRONG, I found myself listening to a handful of songs from EACH of her albums for it. But there was one song in particular that sparked one of the most pivotal scenes in the novel and now I can't listen to that song without seeing my characters and the novel taking shape in my mind. I love that about her songs. I love that as an artist, she is able to do that for me.

As you can imagine, my other novel playlists followed in those footsteps. Basically, I don't have a novel playlist WITHOUT one of Taylor's songs. They inspire me. I find myself listening to one of her songs in the car and finding new meaning for my characters or my novel.

The one thing I love about Taylor is how she inspires me as a writer. She's very candid about the fact that she writes from experience. She is the poster-child for "write what you know." I love that. I love that it pisses people off and that she doesn't care. She doesn't shy away from subjects that matter to her, or emotions that keep her up late at night. Whether those are happy, sad, mundane or whatever. If there's ever been someone whose writing has been beaten to a bloody pulp by critics and fans, it's Taylor. But you know what? She keeps doing what she's doing because she LOVES it. Because she can't NOT write about the things she feels or experiences. Regardless of who it's about or how people perceive the songs. To me...that is someone worth respecting and someone I aspire to be.

I know though, that for every Taylor Swift there are probably a hundred other artists out there who are influential, inspirational and have the writing ability of true genius. (Don't even get me started on the band Spill Canvas). But I just thought it would be a nice insight into the inspiration I get while I'm writing. Chances are, if I'm working on my novel, Taylor Swift is blaring from the speakers helping me out. So for that, I thank you Ms. Swift.

Who inspires you and why? Can you stand up and proclaim your love?