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Today, I had lunch with a coworker of mine who also happens to be a good friend. We were talking about the progress of my book and she said something that not only made me blush several shades of red, but something that really stuck with me.

She said,
That's the thing about grow up thinking things will be easy or one day your dreams will come true but you don't realize how hard it is to really achieve them. You don't realize the world works differently as an adult than it does when you're a kid. But you stuck with it. You're actually making your dreams come true.
I can't even tell you the warmth I felt after hearing that. I wanted to cry. But I didn't. Mostly because we were in public and I get embarrassed really easily.

But I kept thinking about what she said the entire day at work. Because sometimes, when you're in the midst of your ordinary life and your waist-deep in revisions and all you want to do is chuck your effin manuscript out the don't realize what you're accomplishing. You don't realize how far you've come. You certainly don't realize you're one step closer to making your dreams come true.

Then it was as if the universe was speaking to me because when I got home I saw a nondescript cardboard box sitting on the counter. Kind of strange.


So I opened the nondescript cardboard box and I almost cried with joy. My books. 5 shiny copies of my unedited, totally-not-finished novel. 


Even though I knew they were going to come at some point, it was like I had an epiphany when I opened this box. I was doing it. I was really really doing it. Though the story between the cover of this book may not be complete, it's almost there. 

I'm almost there.

I'm so close I can taste it. 

So what does this all have to do with the Fourth of July you might be asking...

and it all has to do with freedom. The freedom we have as individuals in this country. The freedom we've been given to follow our dreams, no matter what those might be.

For me, the Fourth of July comes on the heels of realizing how lucky I am in this day and age to make my own dreams come true. I'm realizing how lucky I am to have friends and family who believe in me, who cheerlead for me, who share my passion with their friends and and family. 

The Fourth will come and go but I'm holding hope that in just a few short months, my novel--my passion--will be in the hands of others who love and enjoy it as much as I do.