So, if you haven't already discerned from my various posts on social media... I'm a teensy bit in love with my new work, Whiskey and a Gun. It's a super dark, psychologically complex piece. Honestly -- it's my first time delving into a world so dark. A mind so dark.

Like all of my other pieces, this story started out as a big old WHAT IF question. But the minute I started asking all the what if questions, I started getting answers from both of my characters. That was a first for me. I've had characters "speak" to me before, but this time it was different.

Carter spoke to me in an angry, loud voice while Tawny spoke to me in a hushed but confident voice. What's strange is that neither overpowered the other -- they complemented each other. Egged each other on. I knew they both had a story to tell and they would need their own... space to do so.

I'm going to be completely clear and honest here -- Whiskey and a Gun is VERY different from my first novel, The Right Kind of Wrong. Whiskey and a Gun is very dark and complex. It's also very risky from a writers stance.

Why is it risky, you ask?

Because it explores a topic that is deeply tragic. Domestic abuse. Not only is this piece an attempt to look at an abusive relationship, but Whiskey and a Gun is told from the abusive male's POV. This is rarely done in a novel and I would be lying to you if I didn't tell you that I was scared to write this novel.

I was scared and it's been extremely difficult to write on many levels.

1. It's been difficult to slip into the mind of an abusive character. Carter is a character that I've come to know very well and he scares me.

2. It's difficult to take on such a tricky POV AND to get the voice authentic and right. As a writer, it would have been much easier to write from a POV that was more familiar to me. Something safer. Something with not as much baggage.

3. This novel has taken an emotional toll on me in some regards. Watching my characters fall in love and struggle with this intense, abusive relationship was hard to read. Hard to materialize.

You might be asking yourself, why? Why would she write about such a thing?

And the answer is... I had to. Much like my view of life in general -- I don't believe in doing things the "easy" way. I believe in challenging yourself to do what hasn't been done. I believe in taking chances and leaps of faith. I believe in questioning and investigating things that are not familiar or comfortable.

I thrive on the unknown things. I'm constantly questioning why? This story was the answer to my question of why. I pushed myself to write something that was beyond anything I ever expected to write.

And the result? It's incredible. I'm not bragging...I'm just saying, I think Whiskey and a Gun is a piece of work I can be proud of. It's not safe. It's not an easy read. But it's a read that will be worth it.

I'll be talking more about Whiskey and a Gun as it gets closer to release date, but I thought it was time to explain a little bit about the project you guys keep hearing so much about.

NOW for the fun part. There's a side character in the story that I love dearly (and he will come into play in the next novel more) but I can't figure out for the life of me, what his name should be. So, I decided to put it in my readers hands. I'm running a contest on my FB author page -- if I can get 475 "likes," I'm going to let a reader choose the name! So, hop on over and "like" my page if you haven't already and share, share, share because ONE person is going to be able to have a hand in a book that will make history.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Whiskey and a Gun information! (The cover reveal is set for October 14th, and you do NOT want to miss that!)