So, #RBWL (Readers Bloggers Wish List)  actually happened in October... but I had a lot on my plate getting Whiskey and a Gun finished and edited, so I didn't have time to post this...but I didn't want to let it slip through the cracks for several reasons.

1. Wish upon wish upon wish of what bloggers and readers want to see in their books.'s like a hand from the Gods saying, HERE, I SHALL GIVE YOU THE ANSWER TO WHAT READERS WANT. GO FORTH AND WRITE ALL THE WORDS. So of course, this is awesome and amazing!

2. I'm not much of a Twitter girl -- but these little snippets are perfect examples of why Twitter exists and why it's a breeding ground for writers. Within minutes, hours, days there were hundreds and hundreds of tweets about what bloggers and readers wanted to see in their novels. I'm pretty sure back in the day, before Twitter and the internet, it was near impossible to guess what readers were wanting. PLUS, it's not like the publishers really cared. Sure, they wanted to know what sold, but it's not like they would have taken to heart the things readers said. But for self-publishers -- this is like a gold mine. We listen. We adapt. We strategically learn what our readers want and find ways to make it possible because WE CARE.

3. The best, most magical thing about #RBWL? LOOK AT ALL THESE IDEAS. OMG OMG OMG! This is the breeding ground for shiny new idea syndrome and holy shit. I had to stuff these away and not look at them until now because I would have wanted to start a million different things while working on Whiskey and a Gun.

4. This goes to show you just how diverse and varied readers are. Just when you think you can't take another end-of-the-world-dystopian or another Fifty Shades knock-off, you realize just how many OTHER things are out there. And how badly readers want them. They're waiting, with arms wide open for NEW and exciting things. As a writer, it's easy to get caught up in trying to write the perfect story that will be the next hit... or trying to find something fresh and unique that fits in that "hot market," but if this list proves (and this is only a small selection of the hundreds of tweets) that readers are more willing and accepting of diversity and change than we are sometimes. It's a nice reminder to have.

So without further ado...I give you some of my favorite ideas to have graced #RBWL. Who knows....maybe one of those ideas will be just the thing to spark another project of mine?!

What's on your wish list for books?