So, there I was, trying my hardest to work on drafting the sequel to Whiskey and a Gun when this short story I'd written bubbled to the surface and called my name. It was a story that came to me fully formed and flowed from my veins like liquid. It's a story that comes from the theme of "firsts."

In the New Adult category (I'm one of those particular people that do not refer to NA as a "genre," because really, it's not. It's a category). I digress…

Anyway, there are A LOT of firsts when you're in early adulthood. College, serious relationships, figuring out the rest of your life, determining and transforming into who you are and who you WANT to be. SO. MANY. FIRSTS. But, kind of like Whiskey and a Gun, I was intrigued by the idea of what it would look like for a young woman to have a very different kind of "first." We so often read about the first time in a sexual encounter, first time getting blacked out drunk, first time in a new city, new job, a new marriage.

But what about the dark stuff? The stuff that haunts you at night if you actually had to do it? The first time you or your family is so broke, you decide to strip to put food on the table. Or how about the first time you make a terrible decision in the name of family or love but it ends up biting you in the ass? THAT is what intrigues me.

Capricious is the story of Lacey, a young woman who loves her family so much she is willing to go to great lengths to see they're taken care of. She's also a little gritty, a little dark and a lot unexpected.

So, today, I'm sharing with you the amazing cover done by Najla at Najla Qamber Designs

I'm IN LOVE with this cover at is so accurately captures a young woman at a dark moment.

Capricious Front..jpg

Lacey Caldez is in a bind. 

Her bills aren't paid, her mother is broken, and they're about to lose their house. Realizing she's low on options, she buries her pride and approaches the last person she ever wanted to owe a favor to. 

Robbie Reynolds is brutal, demanding, and one hell of a mobster. He's also her ex. But despite his character flaws, he offers her a chance to avoid financial ruin—but can she stomach what he's asking of her?

I hope you'll check it out and are as excited as I am for it be released!