Mae Carpenter is an aspiring author by day, burger slinger by night and twenty-four-hour imposter. Yep, her daily to-do list consists of serving rude customers, smiling for chump change, and dreaming about being the next J.K. Rowling. #NotTheGlamorousLifeSheExpected

Tired of slinging burgers and watching her hard-earned money fly out the window, she does what any self-respecting, starving artist her age would do—she starts a blog about what else? Being #LostInNYC

What Mae doesn’t expect in the midst of everything else is for the interwebs to connect her with a real-life book boyfriend. #GettingLucky

But when a publishing deal lands at her feet, she knows her life is about to change, and not exactly for the best. Because her anonymous blog? Well, it’s more like an online burn book. And the publisher? They want her to reveal who the posts are about.

Is the dream she thought she wanted worth the price she’ll have to pay?

Note to self:
Next time, don’t write horrible stories about the people you love.

Mae: the almost published, madly in love, worst person EVER!