After last week's blog post and a lot of internal ruminating - I decided to do a THING. A thing that meant fighting for my book's life. I won't take up space here to talk about it - instead - you can follow the journey by clicking HERE. Because everything that's happening is pretty awesome. And I'm excited. Anyway, back to the post for today!

Let's face it - most of the time when we read something by an author, it has been through rounds of critiquing, beta-reading and editing. What you see as a finished product is often VERY VERY far from where it started. And I bet you didn't know that many authors do a lot of "practice" or "method" writing inbetween working on their drafts or editing. I thought it would be fun to show my readers what honest, in-the-moment writing looks like. No editing. Misspelling and plenty of errors abound. But it's often raw and honest and on-point. Sometimes, it's not. Sometimes, all it is is just a nice little exercise to jolt the muses awake for the "real thing." So once a month, I'll be a hosting a "writing prompt" post where I take on a new prompt and give it all I got. Feel free to jump in with your own version of the prompt in the comments or your blog!




642 Things to Write About by The San Francisco Writers' Grotto


What is the sound of silence, and when did you last hear it? What was missing? 




One might think the sound of silence is nothingness. But it's the loudest sound you'll ever hear. Because when you take away something that can be so easily created (noise and meaningless words), you're left with all the things that are harder to say.

She tells you, "No, I didn't do it. I swear," but as she takes off her makeup and breaks down in front of the mirror before she knows your watching -- you know what she's telling you. She hadn't needed to say a word. You heard everything in her silence. 

Silence is so often avoided because of the realities you must face, but I invite it in. Every day. I beckon for it to come to me in the small moments where I'm paying attention. Those are the moments where truth is at it's highest form and inspiration always hides beneath truth. Find the truth, find the inspiration. 

Like life, silence is often planned to go one way, but rarely goes the way you want it. That one golden hour when the kids are asleep and no ones home and you are blissfully surrounded by silence. But it's never really silent, is it? It's punctuated by the silence telling you what needs done next. What errands must be run. What dinner choice you must make. 

Silence is only as powerful as you let it. Take a chance and let it whisper truths to you. You might be surprised by what you discover.