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From the Shadows

Set in the Shadow Ops World by NYT Bestselling Author CJ Lyons

Jay Westin was just a normal college student, with a normal girlfriend. Okay, so they'd been through some not-so-normal things, but he didn't expect to be kidnapped... again. 

Eve Harding lived in a web of lies for so long, she often blurred the lines between reality and fiction. When she becomes part of a elite group on campus - she uncovers secrets about the person she thought she knew the best: Jay. 

Time is running out, and Jay and Eve must decide if they're brave enough to separate themselves from their family members and arise FROM THE SHADOWS.

I will say this over and over, Jade Eby knows how to tell a story. And not just any story, one that will keep you on your toes and making you want the story to last forever. From The Shadows is no different. I never wanted this to end. It was too short for me but I love reading novellas as they are a nice break from the regular. I would give this story more then 5 stars if I could.
— Misty Duncan
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Set in the world of the popular television show on CW: The 100

For ninety-seven years, The Grounders have struggled to survive. Some, more than others, but every day reveals a threat of extinction. 

The Twelve Clans were not always so. Once upon a time they were all one. Born from the first survivors. But because they were still human, the inevitable fall happened. 

Wars within wars within people who were supposed to understand each other. One clan became twelve. More lives were lost in an attempt to unite until finally - common enemies won out. 

But when warriors become complacent with the known, with the common enemy, there is comfort. There is understanding. It is when something unexpected happens that everything falls out of balance. The sky shifts. The sun sets differently. 

One little change starts a chain of events that causes a domino effect on all involved.  

The day the Sky People fell was the day everything changed.